Simplify Customer Transactions with PapelStreamline the payment process for your customers with our easy, and efficient system.
Easy Payment with a Single NumberExperience instant payments by sending your Papel number to your customers.Create Papel Accountalt
Practical Payment Taking via ‘Pay with Papel’It is now very easy to receive payments for your business from Papel users with the ‘Pay with Papel’ option.Create Papel Accountalt
Instant Payments
Payments you receive with the ‘Pay with Papel’ option will be transferred to your Papel account simultaneously.
Create Papel Accountalt
Try Papel for Quick Payments
Papel simplifies payments for businesses and customers with its user-friendly platform.
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The Touch of Simplicity
‘Pay with Papel’ revolutionises payments with a tap-and-go system for fast transactions.
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Effortless Checkout
Use 'Pay with Papel' to streamline, speed up, and secure transactions, making shopping easy for everyone.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Who can use the ‘Pay with Papel’ option?
Individual business owners, producers, self-employed and company owners can receive payments with the ‘Pay with Papel’ option.
Is there a fee for using ‘Pay with Papel’?
It is completely free to receive payments throughthe ‘Pay with Papel’ option.
When are payments received with the ‘Pay with Papel’ option credited to the account?
Payments received with the "Pay with Papel" option are credited to your account at the same time.
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Mobile ApplicationReceive notifications, access your accounts & view transactions in real-time via your device.
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