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While enablinig you to manage your money with brand new and easy-to-use financial technologies, Papel provides additional advantages and services that will make a huge difference in your life. Manage all your financial transactions from a single application for yourself, your family, your friends or your business. While using Papel, save on your daily expenses by earning special offers, discounts, cashback (rewards) from popular brands.
Papel Team
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Papel consist of a management team with experience over 20 years in the industry. Our team has set out to offer a space where they can successfully manage their financial situations and financial technology which is one of the most dynamic sectors of our time, to every individual and business, from the most remote corner of the country to the most central parts. Our financial technologies which we have developed through following global and local improvements, and making researches; are in a constant development and transformation to meet the expectations of our customers. With the service we offer with the sense of simple, easy and fast transaction; our customers save time and enjoy financial freedom. We act with a shared passion for a better life with privileges and services for your lifestyle to offer you a fulfilling life, whether you are an individual or a commercial customer.

Papel Career
It is our ultimate goal to be an innovative company that Papel employees enjoy and are happy with by being one of the leading and exemplary organizations of the industry with its working mentality and institutional structure. You can send your CV via contacting us. We will contact you when a suitable position is opened
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You can get exclusive offers, discounts, cashbacks (rewards) and more from the most popular brands.
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